Rental radio set

Rent Motorola amateur and professional radio set with a complete set of accessories, backup batteries and customization for your current tasks.
We work on our own, end-to-end radio frequencies, which guarantees the quality of communication and the legality of radio stations throughout the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Radio sets are the operational communication.
Communication is organization and order.
Organization and order are the success of Business.

Secure communication for Your business!
Ready to rent an unlimited number of radio stations for a period of 1 day to 5 years or more.

PoC System

PoC (Push-to-Talk over Cellular) technology makes it possible to implement standard voice communications, establish multimedia data transmission, work with images, text and video. Devices based on PoC use public networks, thereby achieving a wide range of coverage without the use of repeaters or building additional networks. Thus, the customer does not have to invest in infrastructure. The simplicity and efficiency of PoC is making it increasingly popular around the world. It is an ideal solution for business sectors where reliability and security of voice communications are of high importance.

Benefits of PoC:

  • Affordable cost of building the system because there is no need to create an expensive infrastructure.
  • Wide coverage area, equal to that of WiFi, including interregional and foreign roaming.
  • Scalability. The system can support up to several thousand subscribers.
  • High speed calls: just press the PTT button and do not wait for the caller to answer.
  • Group calls with a single press of the PTT button.
  • Ability to position subscribers on the map due to GPS / GLONAS.

Thus, PoC-based devices meet a wide range of security and functionality requirements. This technology is successfully used in various fields: logistics, transportation, railroads, port facilities, trade, industrial parks, energy, etc.

Advantages of PoC compared to PMR

The PoC system is a good alternative to the traditional PMR system, and can also act as a complement to it. Compared to PMR, PoC technology has distinct advantages:

  • Increased coverage
  • You don’t need to build and maintain expensive infrastructure;
  • High reliability, including through the use of the virtual operator service;
  • Using your own WiFi networks;
  • Multimedia data transfer;
  • The ability to create “hybrid” communication networks using PoC and PMR.

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The complex of design and survey work includes:

• search and survey of the installation site

• collection of raw data

• development of project documentation

• collection of technological equipment according to the parameters defined by the customer

• selection of places for installation of technological equipment and antennas, with the development of the Act of inspection, which contains the main technical solutions

• approval of the Act by the customer

• complete documentation for obtaining radio frequencies and permits for the installation and use of professional radio set


The complex of commissioning work includes:

• preparation and conduct of individual tests

• comprehensive equipment testing

• preparation of working and acceptance documentation for commissioning work


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High-quality repair and maintenance of radio communication systems guarantee uninterrupted interaction of your organization’s employees. We provide warranty and post-warranty repair of infrastructure and basic radio equipment. In the event of malfunctions, our specialists will diagnose, analyze and test the equipment, and then repair radio set in the shortest possible time.


Our advantages:

Certified technicians

Original Spare Parts

Quality and prompt repair of radio set

Modern testing and diagnostic equipment

Fixed cost

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