Motorola DM2600 car radio

Motorola DM2600 car radio


    • Monochrome digital display
    • LED indication of the station
    • Built-in 4W speaker
    • Front and rear accessory jack
    • 2 programmable function buttons
    • Ability to alarm different levels of priority
    • Ability to make a quick group call
    • ID control PTT button for better compliance with call queue discipline
    • Advanced channel scanning schemes to ensure the reception of each outgoing call
    • Basic encryption mode signal
    • Ability to voice control – Ability to transmit pre-programmed text messages
    • Voice announcements of channel number, transmitter power level and activation / deactivation of other functions
    • Compliant with IP54 protection class

    • Radio Station;
    • microphone;
    • cable;
    • bracket of attachment;
    • user manual.

Technical Specifications:

Operating frequency range, MHz: 136-174
Transmitter power, W: 1-25
Grid pitch, kHz: 12,5 20 25
Number of channels: 256
Antenna socket on the radio: BNC

8 200 000 sum

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