PoC (Push-to-Talk over Cellular) technology allows you to implement standard voice communication, establish multimedia data transmission, work with images, text and video. PoC-based devices achieve a wide range of coverage without using repeaters or building additional networks. Thus, the client will not have to invest in infrastructure development. The simplicity and efficiency of PoC make it more and more popular all over the world. This is an ideal solution for those business sectors where the reliability and security of voice communications are of high importance.

Thus, PoC-based devices satisfy a wide range of requirements in the field of security and functionality. This technology is successfully applied in various fields: logistics, transport, railways, port facilities, trade, industrial parks, energy, etc.

Advantages of PoC in comparison with PMR

The PoC system is a good alternative to the traditional PMR system, and can also act as its complement. In comparison with PMR, PoC technology has pronounced advantages:

  • no need to build and maintain expensive infrastructure;
  • high reliability, including through the use of a virtual operator service;
  • using your own WiFi networks;
  • transfer of multimedia data;
  • the ability to create “hybrid” communication networks using PoC and PMR.
Benefits of PoC
Affordable cost
Without limitation of the communication radius
GPS function
Group calls
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