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Founded in 2012, RADIOCOM is currently the only major supplier of professional and amateur radio equipment in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The company specializes in the supply and sale of professional and amateur mobile radio communication systems. In 2012 RADIOCOM developed its own business project, the essence of which was the creation of radio communications center in the Republic of Uzbekistan, which would represent the radio set of famous companies from around the world. The project was initiated as a model for radio communication market development in Uzbekistan, and in this capacity will serve as a basis for many other future projects. For several years of purposeful work RADIOCOM has grown into one of the leaders in the segment of radio communications.

Today RADIOCOM offers comprehensive solutions based on radio communication means to ensure high efficiency of user activity organization. The company’s customers are government agencies, public security, utilities and transport enterprises, mining companies, hotel and entertainment organizations, production and trade sectors that use professional and amateur radio communications equipment. All radio equipment sold under MOTOROLA and VERTEX STANDARD brand names, represented by RADIOCOM, is manufactured exclusively at own factories located in Japan, China, Malaysia and Vietnam, which in itself is a sign of confidence in quality of products provided.

RADIOCOM, without exception, certifies each of its products by the State Standardization Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan, actively cooperates with the State Commission for Radio Frequencies and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Center of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In order to offer the best technological solutions to the customers, RADIOCOM is constantly searching for the best solutions and delivers to the Uzbek market innovative products based on the newest technologies. Currently, a team of leading RADIOCOM specialists have established supply and sale of high-quality, certified radio set operating in amateur radio frequencies, sold in all regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Commercial organizations and public security services across the Republic are increasingly turning to RADIOCOM’s innovations when they need to provide employees with high quality communications. More than 100,000 commercial and public safety organizations in all corners of our country use the radio communication facilities provided by us.

Our customers always rely on our years of experience in the radio communications industry and trust our services and solutions. By working with our customers and learning from our products in each industry, we strive every day to serve our customers better. As a leader in the industry, using years of experience, we strive to offer radio equipment that can work in a variety of extreme conditions. RADIOCOM offers complete radio communications solutions for high performance communications. In our extensive product portfolio you will always find everything you need to fulfill your tasks in any industry. Striving to offer customers the latest technological solutions, RADIOCOM is always on the lookout for the best innovative radio equipment, developed based on high technologies.

Development and Achievements

2012 year – was established RADIOCOM company, having received the distribution of Motorola in the Republic of Uzbekistan and introduced four models of radio set Motorola.

2013 year – RADIOCOM added three new models of radio set to its lineup and entered the top three companies that provide radio services in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In the same year RADIOCOM becomes the exclusive supplier of radio equipment for the consortium JV “Uz-Kor Gas Chemical” LLC, PE ENTER Engineering Co Ltd, ERIELL GmbH, PE HYUNDAI Engineering Co. Ltd., PE SAMSUNG Engineering Constuction Co. Ltd. 2014 – RADIOCOM replenishes the model range of radio sets, receives VERTEX STANDARD distribution in the Republic of Uzbekistan and begins supplying the model VX241 and many accessories.

2015 year – In a report published by the Electromagnetic Compatibility Center of the Republic of Uzbekistan, it was noted that RADIOCOM has the largest share of the radio market in the Republic and the company deservedly takes 1st place in Uzbekistan in terms of sales with the largest number of presented models of radio set operating on the PMR 446-446.1 MHz band.

2016 year – RADIOCOM is continuously working on itself, improving its technological advantage and strengthening its position on the radio market in the Republic of Uzbekistan, showing the ability to supply state-of-the-art products and solutions to users all over Uzbekistan. In the same year RADIOCOM acquires the right to represent the interests of FISHER LAB, which has been a leader in the field of inspection systems and professional metal detectors for many years.

Our goal is the interest of the client

Our company’s products have managed to combine high quality with a more than reasonable price. We believe that the development of radio communication technology should be primarily for the benefit of people, business, government agencies and society. As an innovator in professional and amateur radio communications, RADIOCOM sells products that increase the efficiency of organizations every day, as well as communication solutions that can be relied on in a variety of critical situations. The products we sell are very important and indispensable attribute in any sphere of human activity, using our radio set you will always be surprised by their trouble-free operation and be sure that you have a guaranteed radio communication at hand.

Returns and exchange of goods

Return and exchange of goods of proper quality.

The buyer has the right to refuse the ordered goods of proper quality:

  • Before receiving it, and after receiving it – within 5 days. Pay attention! Return or exchange of goods is possible when its trade dress (packaging, seals, factory labels), consumer properties, as well as a document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of this product (receipt). There should be no traces of use on the goods, the goods have not been used.
  • Return are not subject to the goods of adequate quality, in accordance with Appendix No.1 to the Rules of Retail trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No.75 as of February 13, 2003.

Return and exchange of goods of improper quality

– The Buyer, upon receipt of goods of improper quality, if the defects were not specified by the Seller, has the right to demand from the Seller within 24 hours after the purchase at his discretion;

– Replacements for goods of similar brand (model, article) on the day of return, if available in stock, or within 60 days if not available;

– Replacement with the same product of another brand (model, article) with a corresponding recalculation of the purchase price;

– Prompt and uncompensated elimination of defects of the goods;

– Reimbursement of expenses for the elimination of defects of goods.

  • Return of the goods, subject to the requirements of the Rules of retail trade in the Republic of Uzbekistan (Appendix No.1 to Decree No.75 of the CM RUz as of 13.02.2003 year), the RUz Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, the Civil Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • The Application for Return of Goods must specify what kind of defect the goods returned by the Buyer contain.
  • The procedure for replacing goods with defects:

– Within 7 days (with obvious signs of a factory defect)

– Within 20 days (if additional verification is needed)

– Within 1 month (in the absence of goods of similar brand)

– Within 2 months (for deliveries to remote areas)

To return the product, the Buyer must:

– Call the main office at the numbers listed in the “Contact us” section;

– Fill out and print the Refund Application;

– Warning. We can return the money for the goods and compensate for the return only if you follow the instructions and advice of the support service accurately. The refund will be transferred to the Buyer’s bank card (only the amount of goods excluding delivery), within 5 banking days after receipt of the goods.

There are two ways to return goods

1. Self-return

The customer can return the product himself from our company-owned return service.

Address for return: Tashkent city, Mirzo-Ulugbek district, Uzbekiston Ovozi street, 2 (Tata Hotel, 2nd floor)

2. Return by courier

The service is available for residents of Tashkent. The cost of the courier departure for the return is 20.000 soms.

Conducting an examination

If there is a dispute between you and the store about the causes of defects, the store has the right to conduct an examination of the goods. The examination is carried out at the expense of the store. You have the right to be present at the examination. To do this we recommend to send a written request to the seller with a note that the examination should be carried out in your presence. After the store notifies you about the time of the examination, you should bring the goods to determine the causes of failure. This will avoid misunderstandings that may arise if you do not agree with the conclusion of the examination.

If the results of the examination show that the defects of the goods are not the fault of the store or the manufacturer, you will be obliged to reimburse the store for the costs of the examination, as well as the costs of storage and transportation of goods associated with it. If you do not agree with the results of the examination, you have the right to challenge the conclusion in court.

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